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Oil and Gas

Dutch Blower has great experience in building air handling units for offshore application....

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Buzzard UK North Sea

Dutch Blower delivers Rocksolid fully stainless steel, ATEX, Air Handling Unit for Offshore platform Buzzard.

The Buzzard field development, operated by Nexen Petroleum U.K. Ltd. and its partners, is one of the largest North Sea crude oil projects in more than a decade. CB&I was responsible for the engineering design of the three platform topsides facilities: the production, utilities and wellhead decks, with a total dry weight of approximately 25,000 metric tonnes.

Dutch Blower delivered an outside located Air handling unit for the living quarters. The unit is entirely built out of AISI316 and off course in ATEX execution. The unit is tested in our factory to make sure the unit meets the customer requirements. The air handling unit was delivered including transportation and hoisting equipment such as an equalizer and ND tested base frame with hoisting lugs. The unit has a duty and stand by fan, an electric heater and sea water cooling coils. 

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