Coloplast Costa Rica

Coloplast opens its first factory in Central America to support the global growth of the company, which produces medical devices, including ostomy pouches and catheters, for people with intimate healthcare needs.

The site is located in Cartago, Costa Rica, and will initially manufacture the company’s ostomy products. The new site supports Coloplast’s ambition of achieving an annual organic growth rate of 7-9% towards 2025.

The factory is situated near one of Coloplast’s key markets, the US, and it is the company’s first site in Central America. It is the first of two planned factories in Costa Rica.


Dutch Blower is awarded a contract for 12 large adsorption dehumidifiers to condition the climate in the production facilities. 

The next factory is expected to be operational in the second half of 2022. Both factories will be connected to Costa Rica’s electrical grid, which is supplied by almost 100% renewable sources. This supports the company’s sustainability ambition of using 100% renewable energy in its own production by 2025.


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