Roof Top Unit

Plug and Play Dutch Airco Roof Top Units.

A roof top unit is a complete air handling unit and chiller with integrated controls for both indoor and outdoor application. The air handling unit can be supplied with a plate heat exchanger, a heat wheel, twin-coil, a heat pump or a combination of these.

In many cases the units for outdoor installation are supplied with a space for the boiler(s), which is in fact a complete system ready for connection (plug and play) on the roof. Integrated chillers can be supplied separately. They can then be connected to an air handling unit (of each brand). The construction of the required cooling pipes can be provided in-house by Dutch Airco International BV or outsourced.

Above mentioned products are built for Dutch Airco International BV, Dutch Blower BV and Dutch Airco International BV, who have worked together since they were founded. Both businesses are completely independent and work under their own responsibility, each with their specific knowledge and experience . The partnership is decisive for the quality of the final product and our customers appreciate this. This is evident from the fact that Dutch Airco International BV applies satisfied customers from day to day.

The specialties of Dutch Airco International BV is located in sound engineering , refrigeration and control . Moreover, smart solutions are often custom made. To this end , the company is recognized by STEK, in compliance with the PED standards, Eurovent and the memberships of NVKL , TVVL , ASHRAE and Metaalunie.

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