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Mars Veghel

Dutch Blower has recently delivered a desiccant dehumidifier for drying candy. The...

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Hygienic Adsorption Dehumidifier

Dutch Blower designs and manufactures high quality hygienic desiccant air dryers equipped with a desiccant rotor .

If there are strict requirements for the control of humidity and temperature such as in laboratories , pharmaceutical and food industries Dutch Blower offers a high-quality custom build solution, based on the principle of adsorption dehumidification. 

Schematic explanation

The air is dried by means of a rotating wheel which adsorpes the moisture from the process air and brings it into a second warm reactivation air stream. The drying function is often combined with cooling, heating, filtering and heat recovery. The regeneration air can be heated by means of electricity, a direct-fired gasheater, steam or with a heat pump.

We build what you are looking for

The dehumidifiers are all custom made. During the design process  there will be attention to low energy consumption and low noise levels. Easy maintenance and high quality components ensure a long life time. During the design the dehumidifiers can be provided in ATEX execution, UL version for the U.S. market with ASME steam coils. The dehumidifiers can also be executed in a hygienic or SS304 version equiped with strong sloped drip pans and a fully welded bottom is among the possibilities.


Download here the brochure for hygiënic dehumidifiers

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