MAH Steam Air Heaters

Steam Air Heaters

It is very important to achieve the best quality when processing dairy in for example spray drying industry. The quality of the ambient air is essential!

In order to meet the customer's requirements Dutch Blower has designed this Steam powered Main Air Heater Unit for spray drying processes. Internally, the unit is smoothly finished and fully welded. The units are equipped with AISI304/Alu finned tube heat exchangers using steam to heat up the main air. The casing is build out of Stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316) tubes and panels with mineral Rockwool (60 kg/m3) insulation.

Energy efficient

In order to reduces the losses of flashed steam in an open tank the units are provided with an innovative heating trap. Flashheaters and condansate coolers are used to pre heat the main air and in this way water can be brought back to the tank.


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