Dutch Blower  delivered a air handling unit for the laboratory room at Nestle...

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AHU Hygiene ***

Ultra Hygienic air handling unit

It is very important to achieve the best quality when processing food and pharmacy. To make the processes as clean and hygienic as possible, the quality of the ambient air is essential. In order to meet the customer's requirements as much as possible, Dutch Blower has designed a new product. This AHU Ultra Hygiene *** meets the highest hygienic requirements in terms of finish and materials used. Internally, the unit is smoothly finished and fully welded. All corners are made in a round radiusses.


  • Suitable for thorough cleaning
  • No cracks and seams
  • No porous surface
  • No coatings that can come loose
  • Not corrosion sensitive
  • Cold bridge free construction, TB1
  • High insulation value, T1
  • High mechanical strength (pressures up to 7000 Pa possible), according to EN1886: D1
  • Removable components
  • Custom solution
  • Filtering from F7 (ISO 16890 ePM1 50%) to H13
  • IE4 and EC motors
  • Can be supplied with control panel, Priva or Siemens S7


The unit consists of a TIG welded RVS304 construction and is encased in 50 mm Rockwool. The bottom of each section is provided with a drain to easily clean the unit thoroughly. The smooth inner structure is attached to the outer structure free of thermal bridges, so that no condensate is formed on the outside, particularly during cooling processes. Every component such as a filter, water battery and the fan has its own smooth box and is removable for maintenance or cleaning.


  • Filtering (dust, odor)
  • To heat
  • Cooling
  • Humidifying (steam, ultrasonic)
  • Dehumidification (condensation, adsorption)
  • UV treatment

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