Dutch Blower  delivered a air handling unit for the laboratory room at Nestle...

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Hygienic air handling unit for the food industry .

Dutch Blower is your partner if you are looking for an air handling unit for the food industry. Our company designs and manufactures hygienic air handling units according to specific customer requirements. We design and build the air handling units for specific processes within the food industry as well as ventilating, cooling, drying or heating of production halls. If desired, we manufacture the unit completely from Stainless steen AISI304 or  AISI316, including stainless steel side profiles and locks and hinges. Additionally, you can count on short lead times, short communication lines and skilled professionals. We only use the latest technologies, with regards to energy saving solutions.


Quality and reliability

Through years of experience in climate solutions for processes within the food industry, Dutch Blower knows better than anyone that the processes should be very reliable and of the highest quality. Customers should not have to worry about the quality of the food that they are eating neither does the maintenance department want unnecessary delays in the production process. The technical specialists of Dutch Blower guarantees a solid and reliable climate solution in your production process.

The best quality for the best products

To produce the best products for the food industry it is important that the air handling unit is reliable, hygienic and that the required air conditions are achieved. The air quality is essential for the sustainability of the food. The correct air condition can accelerate the production proces, extend the life time of products, reduce labour and manufacturing costs and provide the perfect environment for the process.

hygienic execution

We know as a producer of air handling units for different climate solutions for processes within the food industry that hygiene is decisive. The air handling units are smooth inside and provided  with strong sloped SS304 drip pans for easy cleaning. Cavities are avoided at all times and critical connections are fully welded.


Download here the brochure for hygiënic air handling units.

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