20 Dehumidifiers for Candy production

For a supplier in the Confectionery industry we recently delivered a beautiful project. The application relates to a large drying process (total flow rate> 300,000 m3/h) distributed over 10 drying chambers. The supplied Adsorption Dehumidifiers are equipped with high-quality Silica Gel "drying wheels" that allow an air humidity of less than 1 g / kg.

Dutch Blower is well known for designing a very reliable and robust product that exactly meets the functional application. This makes the units not only very robust but at the same time flexible in execution. In this case, water coolers / heaters and a steam theater for regeneration have been chosen. Depending on the availability of sources and the desire of the end-user there can also be chosen for direct-fired heaters, electric heaters or DX coolers. And of course the possibility of energy recovery is also being investigated.

All our units can optionally be supplied with a complete control technology, but it is also possible to integrate the dehumidifier directly with other processes, in which case we supply the sensors wired to a terminal box.

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